News December 23, 2011

Obrela assessed by ICAP Group as one of the “Strongest Companies in Greece”

Obrela has been included in the “Strongest Companies in Greece”, based on the ICAP Rating Score.

This acknowledgment facilitates the business transactions of the company in Greece and abroad, by certifying that it belongs to the group of companies with very low credit risk.

The “Strongest Companies in Greece” is a community of enterprises that are ranked at the highest Rating Score of ICAP Group. ICAP Group is recognized by the Bank of Greece as an External Credit Assessment Institution and by the European Central Bank as an Accepted Rating Tool Source.
Only one in ten companies in Greece meet the required criteria to be included in the community of Strongest Companies.
Mr. Patsis, CEO of Obrela Security industries stated that: “This acknowledgment constitutes a validation of our continuous effort of exceeding customers expectations and consistently maintaining our commitment to excellence towards our clients, our partners and our people. By upholding our corporate values, our company accomplished to maintain a steady growth and development which constitute solid evidence of our future prospects and our capacity to implement our Business Plan despite the financial crisis”.