News June 24, 2009

Obrela was selected by one of the largest financial institutions in Greece

Obrela Security Industries has been awarded with the “Web and Network Penetration Testing” project by one of the five largest regional financial institutions in Greece

The objective of this project is to discover any security weaknesses for the online services and the internet facing system and network infrastructure of one of the largest regional financial institutions in Greece.
Within the project scope, Obrela Security Industries will identify the level of risk associated with any weakness and will recommend countermeasures which will negate those weaknesses and mitigate the associated risk to an acceptable business level.
The outcome of the project is further expected to assist our client to:
  • Protect the financial status and the personal information of its clients;
  • Maintain a secure operating environment and integrity of data;
  • Protect against accidental or intentional disclosure of information;
  • Reduce costs associated with security related problems and compliance breaches;
  • Protect its brand and reputation.