News September 28, 2020

Obrela Implements MITRE ATT&CK Framework in Azure Sentinel SIEM

Obrela, an acknowledged Manage Security Services (MSS) vendor by Gartner, has woven its over-a-decade experience with MΙTRE ATT&CK framework in Azure cloud native SIEM Sentinel.

Sentinel SIEM on Microsoft Azure

Microsoft’s Azure Sentinel provides “limitless cloud speed and scale” integration as well as faster threat protection by taking advantage of AI. Sentinel makes the deployment of an advanced SIEM, analytics and threat intelligence solutions easier, accelerating time to ROI.

Obrela enhancements integrate Sentinel’s capabilities with its flagship “Managed Threat Detection and Response” service resulting to an excellent level of situational awareness.

How does work?

Obrela’s Managed Threat Detection and Response is natively integrated with MITRE ATT&CK, the global threat intelligence framework. MITRE ATT&CK works as a trusted reference with a momentum for its effectiveness in determining an environment’s level of visibility against targeted attacks.

Obrela, has applied the MITRE ATT&CK Framework in Sentinel by leveraging its proprietary Use Cases with real-time correlation and analytics. Additionally, Obrela is integrating MITRE ATT&CK Framework in Sentinel with proprietary sources of threat intelligence and knowledge.

Value for our clients

Obrela’s Managed Threat Detection and Response service significantly reduces the mean time to detect and respond to cyberattacks. It is adapted to organizations of all sizes and industries without any geographical or scope limitations.

Its comprehensive coverage may include traditional IT infrastructure, Cloud, Operational Technology (OT), IoT as well as End Users, and offers 24×7 advanced security monitoring, detection, and response capabilities.

Furthermore, organizations increasingly use Obrela’s Managed Detection and Response service to cover Endpoint-targeted threats, enhancing the visibility and security of their distributed workforce during their COVID-19 digital transformation efforts.