News June 6, 2018

Obrela Raises Azure To New Heights

MDR, Cybersecurity

Obrela Security Industries has combined its own data-handling and risk-managing expertise with Microsoft’s Azure platform to provide organisations with an easy-to-operate and seamless security monitoring framework.

Obrela’s core skill is to integrate data into one single data pool structured or unstructured independently of the underlying technology. A growing market (MDR, Analytics, SIEM) is now evolving which is centered around analyzing data in order to identify and detect targeted or mass focused cyber-attacks. Obrela’s highly- focused number crunching algorithmic software can sit on top of other cybersecurity solutions in order to garner and interpret the huge volumes of data generated.

Azure, for example, is an extremely powerful and widely deployed tool. Azure IoT processes over two trillion messages a week and more than five million organisations worldwide use the Azure active directory. But, for most companies, the platform is unwieldy and difficult to deploy and use effectively.

Azure interfaces and documentations are notoriously difficult to follow, especially for organisations that do not have the expertise to make informed security decisions. But without professional third-party guidance to manage and control it on a day-to-day basis, Azure’s effectiveness is extremely limited as far as most, organisations are concerned.

For example, unrestricted access to the customer’s new data centre – the Azure subscription – is only a matter of a Web Application login on the Azure Portal. This means that, instead of protecting organisations from cyber attack, incorrect management of Microsoft’s powerful platform can actually open a number of backdoors to enterprising threat actors.

Obrela has, however, developed a technology designed exclusively to interact with Azure APIs and transform and normalise alerts, tasks and cumulative reports in real time. Incoming indicators of compromise (IOCs) are automatically fed into Obrela’s current correlation engine. These are enhanced and associated with other events in order to provide operations teams with unique situational awareness.

Obrela’s proven methodology and outcome is expanded to natively work in Azure while guaranteeing even lower times-to-implementation than on-premises integration.

Obrela collects all the relevant information and provides a unique multi-dimensional view of the physical users’ activity across their interactions with both Azure and every physical datacenter component in unified screen and reports. Each suspicious activity is flagged, analysed and followed allowing the user to respond within minutes to upcoming threats.

This enables organisations to direct their resources to where their cyber defences are weakest. It means that they can also be assured that their security budget is being directed to where the incoming threat is greatest rather than continuing to throw money at the problem by paying for expensive solutions that are hard to deploy and difficult to monitor.

“There is, as yet, no correlation in the cybersecurity industry between spending levels and risk management maturity. Corporations are suffering overkill from the plethora of seemingly endless technologies required to protect their enterprise. Although they have invested in the latest technology, clients are still unable to detect cyber threats early in the attack lifecycle,” says George Patsis, CEO and founder of Obrela Security Industries.

Obrela will be available on stand N25 at InfoSecurity Europe, 05-07 June, in London.