Event, News June 4, 2014

Obrela excels at Cyber Europe 2014

Obrela Security Industries proves its loyalty and expertise in the field of Cyber Defense as well as its inclination for continuous research by participating in ENISA’s recent large-scale cyber security exercise, Cyber Europe 2014.

Participants were called upon to resolve multiple technical cyber-security incidents, that were as realistic as possible and based on recent real cases. In this context all exercise participants from both the Public Sector (Cybersecurity Agencies, national/governmental CERTs, Ministries and Institutions) and Private Sectors (Energy, Telecommunications and Security providers) were requested to investigate and analyse multiple scenarios which could impact the confidentiality, integrity or availability of sensitive information or even critical national infrastructures.
Obrela Security Industries provided solutions to these highly realistic Cyber Security incidents and scored in the Top Tier of all 200 participating organizations.