News May 27, 2013

Obrela among the 200 largest Information Security companies in the World

Obrela concludes a 2nd successful year of participating in the international Information Security Europe 2013 Exhibition held in Earls Court in London, United Kingdom from 23-25 April 2013.

Engineered for complex enterprise environments, Obrela’s Managed Security as a Service offerings have been proven that they can be delivered professionally and consistently across a broad range of environments, addressing a multitude of information security disciplines and industry-specific requirements.
Obrela was proud to host European and American governmental officials, industry leaders, executive level customers and a wealth of interested parties. The two key messages that kept these visitors coming back were:
  • The provisioning of Information Security as a Service where a customer can purchase as the security they need, when they need it and for the duration that they need it with no down payments and few or no exit fees.
  • Obrela’s information security management platform, Swordfish which automates and streamlines the management of Information Security Frameworks by holistically integrating the Processes with security Technology and ensuring that People become an active component in the information security plan. All from a single console, real-time and end-to-end.
The Swordfish Platform is a web-based solution for Enterprise Information Security Management, designed using years of in-the-field experience and built from the ground up with a single purpose, to manage the entire Information Security Management lifecycle with a consistent, measurable and efficient process while providing complete auditability.
A particularly advanced service, Intelligence Services (SIEM) can be quite expensive and difficult to implement internally by a customer can easily be outsourced as a Managed Service by Obrela.

24x7x365 touchless monitoring of network, systems and application traffic on a real-time basis providing meaningful information and early warnings of potential breaches, security incidents, insider threats, hacking, espionage, electronic crime and fraud.  Obrela’s advanced real-time correlation capabilities clearly identify the relevance of any given event and establish its impact against your specific risk characterization.

Obrela’s unique packaging of industry leading excellence, modular Information Security services combined with flexible pay-as-you-go terms answers to many customers needs for increasing their information security stance and maintaining or reducing costs.

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