News July 17, 2008

Obrela to perform the National e-Government Roadmap

Obrela Security Industries is awarded with the development of the National e-Government Roadmap

Obrela Security Industries is awarded the development of the National e-Government Roadmap.

The line of work is based on two distinct but closely related axes:

  • The first axe, namely the Focus Areas, defines key Reform Initiatives as important enablers for e-government in Greece. Activities are grouped in Focus Areas with relevant goals as Strategy and Leadership, Information Management, Legal Framework, Capacity and Culture and finally Awareness and Training.
  • The second axe, namely, strategic priorities, defines the Key Building Blocks necessary to develop and deliver a “citizen” focused portfolio of “connected” services through a variety of service channels. Building blocks aim towards the development of common e-government infrastructures and services as well as the enablement of interoperability between the public agencies including local government (cross administration).
The e-Government Roadmap, does not attempt to replace the National Digital Strategy but rather to provide a complementary tool for delivering a more coordinated and citizen-driven focus to the government’s e-government initiatives. The e-Government Roadmap, further, is not an attempt to centralize e-government initiatives. Rather, it recognizes that the devolved nature of the Greek Government presents specific challenges which must be dealt-with through cooperation and information sharing, based on an action plan that aims to realize the potential of e-government.

Building on achievements to date, the National e-Government Roadmap sets ambitious and specific goals and targets, which, if achieved, will not only deliver further benefits to citizens, but will also, result in cost savings to the government.

As part of the National e-Government Roadmap Design process and considering the great challenges towards realization and effectiveness, Obrela Security Industries will also provide an expert team of resources to support the General Secretariat for Public Administration and e-Government to deliver innovative and citizen-focused services while ensuring that information risks are addressed appropriately.