News June 20, 2008

Obrela was selected by a top debt management and collections services

Obrela signed an Agreement with Greece’s top debt management and collections services

Obrela Security Industries has recently signed a two-years Service Level Agreement with one of the largest organizations in Greece in the industry of debt management and collections services. The client is a member of a leading multinational group offering world-class technological solutions and value added services, to serve the increasing needs of financial institutions and organizations with strong consumer transactions business.
The scope of the undertaken project “Development, Implementation, Monitoring & Facilitation of Information Security management framework” is to develop an Information Security Management Framework on behalf of the client and provide support in achieving compliance with it.
In addition, Obrela Security Industries will assist their client to incorporate international best practices in the corporate culture and demonstrate Compliance with National Authorities.
Outcomes of the project include:
  • Identification of existing level in terms of Information Security processes and procedures
  • Improvement of efficiency and effectiveness in security management and security organization
  • Expertise and know-how transfer, towards effective and efficient implementation of the Information Security Framework (ISF).
Within the project scope Obrela Security Industries will:
  • Assess scope, quality, compliance and completeness of the existing Information Security Framework Documentation
  • Provide guidance and develop the Information Security Policy Framework that will include improvements in the existing Information Security Policy and the development of the necessary standards and procedures (Security Framework) in order to ensure compliance and achieve higher security levels.
  • Provide knowledge and information in the field of information security management and standards
  • Facilitate the implementation of the Information Security Framework.
  • Ensure Compliance and adherence to internal policies,  International Standards, Legal and Regulatory Frameworks
  • Provide the necessary Training and Awareness campaigns
  • Provide the Business with information and practical recommendations that will allow Senior Management to gain a sound understanding of the information security process model, processes and procedures necessary to achieve compliance
Furthermore, Obrela Security Industries provide the client with ongoing Compliance Monitoring of its information security posture.