News April 5, 2017

OSI experts offered an Information Security Training to UK Embassy Staff

Following an invitation by British Ambassador Kate Smith CMG Obrela experts offered an internet and social media security training to embassy staff on Friday 31 March.  Mr George Daglas, COO – OBRELA, covered issues such as Information Security, Security Requirements, Handling Classified Information, Threats, Security Incidents, Social Engineering methods and scenarios. Diplomats and mission staff spoke of a thorough, interesting and particularly useful briefing which complemented in the best possible way the guidance and best practice already in place.

George Daglas mentioned “The best security technology in the world is not enough unless employees understand their roles and responsibilities in safeguarding sensitive data and protecting company resources. Training  employees is a critical element of security. They need to understand the value of protecting information and their role in keeping it safe. Comprehension of their responsibilities and of actual risks and threat scenarios will augment judgement which will serve  as a decisive element towards the transformation of the human factor in the strong link of the information security chain”