Comprehensive Cloud-Native Stack for 24/7 Managed Detection and Response in Microsoft Cloud Ecosystem

  • Overview

    MDR Cloud Summary

    MDR Cloud allows protection for 24/7 Managed Detection and Response for your Microsoft Cloud Ecosystem. 

    Leveraging a comprehensive Azure-native MDR Stack OBRELA combines collective intelligence practices and methods with leading edge security analytics and sophisticated risk management technology to identify, analyze, predict and prevent cyber-security threats targeting multi-cloud infrastructures. 

    With machine learning, at its core MDR Azure ensures that data are parsed and monitored on a real time basis. Threat intelligence integration and rapid playbook development allows for a seamless threat detection solution.

  • Why MDR Cloud

    Leveraging Azure Lighthouse allows Obrela to expand its ecosystem to a powerful multi-tenant AI-Powered threat detection and analytics system combining client-side use cases and content with OBRELA proprietary content while data persisted and analyzed on the Client tenant.  Threat detection analytics, an integral part of the MDR service, collect and analyze structured and unstructured security related data from multiple systems, network devices and other critical assets, generating valuable intelligence for new, emerging and advanced security threats.

    MDR Cloud provide customers with remotely delivered modern security operations center (SOC) functions to provide 24×7 monitoring to rapidly detect, analyze and actively respond to security events. 

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The objective of Blue-Team Support is to support Global and Regional Resilience Operation Centers with the necessary assistance to ensure effective incident management, escalation, and mitigation. This approach allows SOC teams to focus on their primary mission of continuous threat monitoring and incident response improving operational efficiency and resource optimization

Threat hunting services combine knowledge, intuition and automation to proactively search for covert signs of an active or attempted compromise. Leveraging advanced analytics and threat intelligence to investigate and manage malicious activities for our clients OBRELA’s Threat Hunting team actively performs advanced Threat Hunts to identify threat actors and gaps in the organization infrastructure and security areas of further fine tuning.

Proactive Incident ensures fast response and mitigation to cyber threats and is provided as part of the MDR service. Proactive incident response ensures fast response and mitigation to cyberthreats. With a Mean Time of less than 15 minutes our SOC Analysts and global Threat Hunting teams rapidly respond to investigate, contain, and mitigate threats.

The platform engineering and support team encompasses all preventive maintenance and operations-driven technical tasks related to the Swordfish SaaS platform and the customers’ CPE and integrations with their systems. The Customers reach the team via Swordfish SRM for technical requests.

Advanced Computer Security Incident Response is an add-on to other MDR products providing advanced incident response capabilities. The Advanced Computer Security Incident Response team (CSIRT) provides support and guidance for eradication and containment of security incidents.


Product includes the following:

  • Advanced Threat Detection

    Advanced threat detection capabilities, including machine learning, behavioral analytics, and correlation, enable to detect a wide range of advanced threats.

  • 24x7 Managed Detection & Response

    24×7 threat monitoring, human-led investigation, and notification by analysts across multiple locations within OBRELA Resilience Operations Centers (ROC)s.

  • Comprehensive Visibility

    Complete visibility and readiness across your Microsoft 365 E5 Ecosystem.

  • Scale on Demand

    Scale to meet the needs of any operation, regardless of size or complexity without having to worry about infrastructure or capacity constraints.

  • Custom Client-side content development

    Client-side use cases and content integrated with OBRELA proprietary content while data persisted and analyzed on the Client tenant.

  • Embedded OBRELA proprietary Hardcore Content

    Entails 10+ Years of continuous data algorithmic and content development work. (1000 use cases and more than 500 out-of-the-box Integrations and connectors with of the self or proprietary technology).

  • Rapid Customer onboarding

    Leveraging Azure lighthouse, client can rapidly and seamlessly connect to our cloud native technology stack, eliminating the need for complex data routing and reducing the time to begin monitoring the environment.

  • Intelligence Driven MDR

    Continuous cyber threat intelligence (CTI) integration from wide-ranging sources is used to take proactive action and block emerging threats to better defend your organization.

  • Unified Operations and Service Provisioning Fabric

    SWORDFISH Cyberops removes complexity in mission critical activities and provides clarity in service consumption, performance evaluation.


  • The ability to expand to the full Microsoft E5 stack including Azure Defender (CWPP and K8S protection), Defender for Identity (NDR for Domain Controllers)

  • Realize the full potential of your investment in the Microsoft E5 Security stack

  • Gain comprehensive threat detection and response coverage for the Microsoft Security suite.

  • Maximize your return on investment on Microsoft Ecosystem

  • Keep the data under one place

  • Extend your team with elite cybersecurity expertise

  • Complemented with Interoperability guarantee for collection and parsing of data from any technology system and location.

  • On Demand, based on number of devices and volume of data processed, subscription based flexible pricing.

MDR Products

  • MDR Core services based on Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) are designed to provide organizations with continuous monitoring, detection, and response capabilities at the endpoint level.

  • MDR INFRA is a service designed to provide comprehensive protection against advanced cyber threats and attacks that target critical infrastructure components.

  • MDR Cloud allows protection for 24/7 Managed Detection and Response for your Microsoft Cloud Ecosystem

  • MDR for vessels is purpose-built to address maritime cybersecurity challenges by providing a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that covers both Vessel IT and OT systems.

  • MDR for OT offers extended detection and response (XDR) that is rapidly deployed and works with diverse endpoints, IoT, OT, and industrial control system (ICS) devices.

  • MDR for the BRAND is an integral service to OBRELA MDR products providing protection for all client external digital risks.

Our Services

  • MDR

    Turnkey threat detection and response service that helps our clients manage operational risk and significantly reduce the mean time to detect and respond to cyberattacks.

  • MRC

    MRC Services offer an umbrella of solutions that enable clients to effectively manage and orchestrate various aspects of cybersecurity such as governance, risk, compliance, and operations. Our comprehensive approach streamlines these diverse facets of cybersecurity, providing clients with a cohesive and integrated security solution.

  • MCD

    Obrela offers a suite of managed security services that are designed to help organizations strengthen their cybersecurity posture. These services include Managed NG Firewall, Managed WAF, Managed Database Protection and Audit Control, Managed Identity Access, and Security Design and Integration Services.

  • AS

    Obrela's portfolio includes a wide range of Advisory Services, led by a team of highly skilled and certified cybersecurity experts. These services are designed to enhance an organization's resilience to cyber threats, leveraging our global expertise and a strong focus on business objectives. Some of the services we offer include: SOC Capability & Maturity Assessment, Red Teaming, Penetration Testing, Social Engineering, Risk Assessment, Compliance Assessment, Security Architecture Review



    • Active Response
    • Event Management
    • Endpoint Protection

    MDR Core

    • Infrastructure Protection
    • Analysis
    • Compliance
    • Event Management
    • Threat Intelligence

    MDR Infra

    • Cloud Protection
    • Full Threat Management Stack
    • Compliance
    • Event Management

    MDR Cloud

    • OT Protection
    • Critical Infrastructure
    • Compliance

    MDR OT

    • Vessel Protection
    • OT and IT Visibility
    • Cross Border Correlation

    MDR Vessel

    • Digital Asset Protection
    • Emerging Threats Visibility
    • Intelligence

    MDR Brand


  • SOCaas

  • Blue Team Support

  • Threat Hunting

  • Incident Response