Report February 7, 2024

Gartner® Top Trends in Cybersecurity for 2024


The continuously evolving technology landscape, the rapidly evolving and expanding attack surface with no clear or defined boundaries, the constantly emerging new threats, as well as the strong influence of the human element, and its motivations and incentives in the design of cyber systems, are just a few of the unpredictable vectors that make Cybersecurity a complex problem.

As we prepare to navigate through an even less manageable environment in 2024 aiming to bring predictability to the seemingly uncertain, greater expertise is needed to make sure that organizations can become more resilient.

In this effort, it is crucial to recognize the dynamic nature of cyber threats, and as Gartner says, “Security and risk management leaders face disruptions on multiple fronts: technological, organizational and human. Preparation and pragmatic execution are vital to address these disruptions and deliver an effective cybersecurity program.”

Obrela - Cybersecurity Trends in 2024 - Gartner

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Gartner, Top Trends in Cybersecurity for 2024, Richard Addiscott, Jeremy D’Hoinne, 2 January 2024

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