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Swordfish Asset
Management Datasheet

8 August 2019

Asset lies at the core of information security, being the principal element of its most important processes, like Vulnerability Management, Risk Management, etc. Asset Management is therefore an essential requirement in keeping a solid and consistent basis to achieve excellence in terms of security constituents, such as risk, resilience and privacy, to name a few. However, Asset Management needs to successfully address issues associated with timeliness in delivery, accuracy in repository, complexity of information and management of data gathering and updating processes, especially in large organizations cases, in order for all its system and human feeders and consumers to collaborate smoothly, effectively and efficiently.

SWORDFISH Asset Management Application has been built around these concepts, providing tools to decompose the hierarchy of your organizational assets in terms of systems, applications, business services, locations, etc. and to facilitate the mapping of these assets to respective asset owners and the classification of every asset based on a number of criteria.

Find out more by downloading the Swordfish Asset Management Datasheet.