Swordfish Ontology Manager

Modern cyber security platforms need to address two main challenges: a) how to treat the Vs of big data (mainly velocity, volume, variety and variability) and b) how to provide tailor-made data architectures to support an increasing number of content-agnostic use-cases. In most applications, a data model, to validate and store data, is statically defined and can only be changed or extended by re-compiling the code, thus creating crucial (and in many
cases, intractable) limitations business- and technology-wise.

SWORDFISH, considering data management as a key aspect of cyber security approaches, provides a dynamic data model which is related with every application inside the platform and allows the modification or extension of the default system of Ontologies or the creation of new Ontologies in order to cover emerging requirements. Ontologies are published with each Application and are then readily available for every application, workflow and report inside the SWORDFISH platform.

Organizations need to dynamically define the data model and ensure that their data conforms and will be validated against this data model before they are persisted to the data storage system. Additionally, organizations want to control which users or user groups have create, read update or delete permissions on each record or even control edit / view permissions on a field level.

SWORDFISH Ontology Manager addresses all these requirements and builds on the strengths of MongoDB in order to provide additional capabilities beyond the limitations of RDBMS-based systems.

At a glance:

  • Model your Ontologies in an easy way. Create the appropriate data models to store Threat data, Vulnerabilities, Assets, Compliance-related data, Tickets or any other data an application requires.
  • Create new Ontologies or extend the existing Ontologies provided by the system and add additional fields.
  • Supports basic field types like string, number, dates as well as complex data structures and file attachments.
  • Supports referencing other Ontologies and relating data from different entities.
  • Supports easy data management with grouping, filtering, sorting and saved views.
  • Supports import/export capabilities from/to Excel.

Find out more by downloading the Swordfish Ontology Manager Datasheet.