SWORDFISH spears cyber threats

6 June 2018

SWORDFISH spears cyber threats

Organisations face a massive problem when securing their systems against cyber breaches as few have any clear grasp of the risks they face. It is no longer enough to buy in the latest security software as risk profiles constantly evolve and new threats emerge on an hourly basis. Most companies are constantly plugging yesterday’s holes while the world’s threat actors orchestrate increasingly sophisticated attack vectors.

Obrela Security Industries has developed SWORDFISH Integrated Real Time Risk Management in order to solve the dilemma. SWORDFISH technology enables organisations to dynamically manage their security framework from a single console. It runs operational and technology controls, assesses regulatory compliance, enforces security procedures and analyses cyber risks in real time.

SWORDFISH enables companies to apply organisation-wide information security, co-ordinating operational security activities and leveraging a constant flow of knowledge from people, process and technology. Its open architecture enables deployment of effective security models no matter how diverse the company’s security requirements are, while simultaneously creating accurate real-time risk profiles of incoming cyber threats. SWORDFISH is able to generate the most efficient, sustainable and agile security models, whilst simultaneously achieving across-the-board compliance.


  • Measures the efficiency and effectiveness of security controls;
  • Assesses information and operational risks in real time;
  • Assesses, manages and demonstrates regulatory compliance;
  • Manages and tracks security assessment for vendors in real time;
  • Develops dashboards and creates reports tailored to the user’s regulatory and management requirements.By providing real-time risk management, SWORDFISH prepares its users for new attack vectors. For example, it will also carry out a security assessment of the organisation’s vendors, who are increasingly seen as an easy entry point into the host organisations by many threat actors.


“SWORDFISH serves as the single gateway to the organisation’s security, allowing easy access to corporate policies and execution of security procedures through a centralised access-controlled intranet gateway,” says Obrela Security Industries CEO George Patsis.