Swordfish Technology Brochure

13 June 2015

Operational security requires a continuous process of awarene ss, preparedness and readiness; The Information Security Program. A highly  demanding, cross – domain activity that requires effective communication and coordination between people that often have different knowledge and perspective for information security within the organization. Challenged by the complexity and cost of assem bling security  knowledge, which is fragmented, isolated and mostly static, organizations fail to comprehend the real tradeoffs against risk exposure.
SWORDFISH Technology enables organizations to apply an organizational wide information security policy, orchestrating operational security activities and leveraging the knowledge from people, procedures and technology. The SWORDFISH open architecture, the integration capability and the potential to adapt to multiple security standards , regulations or frameworks, gives SWORDFISH the power to enforce  organization – wide security models  with diverse security requirements, technical infrastructures and risk profiles.
SWORDFISH Technology enables businesses and organizations to take advantage of the unprecedented op portunities created by the “Internet of things” while mitigating risks. With SWORDFISH the most sophisticated, efficient, sustainable and agile security models can be realized, across-the-board compliance is achieved and, most important, the whole organization, not just parts of it, is engaged.

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