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Swordfish Workflow
Manager Datasheet

3 August 2019

Managing the workload associated with cyber security tasks, like mitigation actions or maintaining assets inventory or risk register, is increasingly highly prioritized, especially when it comes to large organizations/corporations with complicated organizational structures and a huge number of inter-related systems, not to mention supply chain (IT vendors) relevant issues and challenges. Most of modern systems fail to adequately address this side of cyber security that eventually has significant implications in terms of time and cost and on further consideration to the overall risk and security posture of the organization.

SWORDFISH platform, having a universal process-based approach, includes a very powerful workflow engine which orchestrates the entire set of security processes. The workflow engine is compatible with the BPMN v2.0 specification and it provides all necessary features for a unique user experience.

Find out more by downloading the Swordfish Workflow Manager Datasheet.