News, Video June 15, 2023

The CyberShield Event | Safeguarding The Digital Landscape

Obrela’s inaugural event in KSA about Cybersecurity. A line up of international speakers and honored guest were present to discuss intriguing topics.

Our CEO, George Patsis, commenced the presentations by addressing the prevailing challenges in CyberDefense and highlighting the emergence of the new Cyber Risk Landscape. Furthermore, we delved into an in-depth discussion regarding the significance of adhering to Cyber Assurance standards, the advancements in Modern Threat Intelligence Centers, the utilization of AI to strengthen CyberDefense capabilities, and the intricate relationship between Cyber Criminals and Nations.

Additionally, our panel engaged in a captivating exploration of the merits and considerations associated with housing Cyber Defense centers internally or opting for outsourced solutions, ensuring the safeguarding of the Digital Frontier. Great thanks and gratitude to our speakers: Rowland Johnson, President at CREST, Gene Y.& @Shawn Loveland, CEO and COO at Resecurity, Nasser Bostan, Chief Strategy at LEDR, Karim Hijazi, CEO & Co-founder at Vigilocity, Amit Nath, Global CEO at SecurityGen as well as our esteem panelists Zyad Alissa, CyberSecurity Director at @ROSHN, Naveed Hamid, VP of Security Business at ZainTech and Ala Asali, Chief Strategy Officer at @ANB moderated by the expert Dr Fatimah Alakeel, PhD, Assistant Professor at King Saud University.

Thanks also to all the delegates and the wonderful feedback received.