Blog December 2, 2019

Next step: Security-by-design

Undeniably, there are still a lot of people in awe of the implications of cybersecurity. In relevance to the decisive effects of a potential cyberattack, cybersecurity is drastically affecting our everyday life in our coordinated attempt to establish preventive measures against cybercrime.  But for those working in the industry or being affected by this relatively new type of crime, such as business owners, the possible catastrophic consequences of a malicious attack to a corporation are no big news.

Alongside the development of technology and the rapid digitalisation of businesses worldwide, we are witnessing an expectedly insufficient/epidermal, yet unorthodox way of dealing with risks and threats. We build patches and try to fix problems by adjusting existing infrastructure, software or processes. But cybersecurity has proven itself as way more substantial than a simple bandage you will get rid of soon.

Imagine building the foundations of a house without any pipes. To live in a house like this, nowadays, you would have to add all the plumbing infrastructure on top of the existing design, having pipes running through your living room. Cybercrime hasn’t been around for that long, but we are now at the exact phase we realise we need to address this systemically and have to incorporate it in the foundations of whatever it is the digital environment that we are meant to operate within.

The security-by-design way of thinking is still at its very beginning but the importance of security in an exponentially digitalised world is making it increasingly vital. In fact, not acquiring such a logic will soon be seen as odd as not having a plumbing system embedded to the foundations of your house.

Security-by-design is the mindset shift that has been leading FORTIKA project’s main vision towards a secure future. How can we drastically minimise the exposure to cyber security risks and threats for SMB’s? How can we help those organisations identify and acquire the appropriate cyber security solutions that will help them respond to cyber incidents sufficiently?

The project has adopted an approach that emphasises on the integration of hardware and software with the business needs and behavioural patterns, creating a robust system that incorporates cybersecurity into the core of a business’ organisational and operating level. Moving this concept even further, the introduction of a marketplace adds extra flexibility. Business owners are able to select among trusted cyber security services tailored to their needs, solutions designed to work perfectly with the available integrated cybersecurity system, enabling for the proper, unobstructed, high, functioning of the organization. In addition, the security-by-design concept, creates an easily adaptive environment that remains adjustable to an ever-changing threat landscape.

Security is undeniably at the heart of the digital edifice, it is about time to address it that way.


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