Swordfish Platform Brochure

Integrate People, Processes and Technology

Orchestrate and control all the diverse facets of cybersecurity through one platform and gain big advantages:

  • Break data/operation silos
  • Remove overheads and improve efficiency
  • Assess cyber risk in real time
  • Take risk-informed decisions
  • Build your own security

ERP systems evolved to address the need for centralization and consolidation, allowing decision-makers to reflect upon key performance indicators and
make insightful decisions. In the same direction, and in order to overcome the administrative complexity caused by the multi-split cybersecurity demands of a rapidly changing technology environment, Obrela has developed the SWORDFISH® Platform.

SWORDFISH® enables complete cyber security overview, advanced reporting and supports well-informed decisions based on real-time risk assessment.

SWORDFISH® is a mindset shift. A shift in real-time. A shift towards operational security.

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