CyberSecurity for the Hospitality Industry

In today’s multination business protecting your most precious assets that is your service and client data is becoming a prime concern. However, hackers are also increasing attacking sensitive information.

Industry Challenges

Delivering quality and reliable services across your hospitality is mandatory to remain a preferred organisation for clients. What might be there to help you achieve this?

Finding a the right partner to work with in order to safeguard your operations, prevent threats and reduce risk could be the first step. Obrela has a vast experience in managing risk and not only threats thus ensuring that clients experience security across operations.

Our Solutions

  • Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

    Internationally recognized turnkey threat detection and response service that helps organizations to manage operational risk and significantly reduce the mean time to detect and respond to cyberattacks.

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  • Managed Risk & Controls (MRC)

    MRC Services offer an umbrella of solutions that enable clients to effectively manage and orchestrate various aspects of cybersecurity such as governance, risk, compliance, and operations. Our comprehensive approach streamlines these diverse facets of cybersecurity, providing clients with a cohesive and integrated security solution.

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  • Advisory Services

    Obrela’s portfolio includes a wide range of Advisory Services, led by a team of highly skilled and certified cybersecurity experts. These services are designed to enhance an organization’s resilience to cyber threats, leveraging our global expertise and a strong focus on business objectives.

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Benefits of Obrela MDR Offerings for Hospitality

  • Partner with experts in the industry
  • Implement continuous checks of increasing security awareness
  • Assess existing processes
  • Protect cloud and endpoint from malicious attacks