Swordfish Unified Ticketing

Integrating, under a single solution, the basic pillars of cybersecurity, that is people, processes and technology, is increasingly becoming a necessity for all modern organizations. Managing, at the same time, complicated and inter-related workflows, stemming from various areas of cybersecurity, is a tedious task that usually fails to convey value, due to inability in planning and prompt resolution of ad-hoc overlapping administration issues.

SWORDFISH, having a long record in successfully addressing this challenging opportunity, may be considered as the ERP-like platform for Cybersecurity. From Security Analytics to Risk Management to Incident Response, there
are several applications that can be enabled and consequently trigger several workflows that produce artifacts. In this context, clients expect their issues to be resolved in a timely manner and Swordfish, utilizing the unified ticketing application, provides the resources to meet the need. SWORDFISH modularity, based on open architecture principles, enables new applications to be introduced to the platform and respective new ticket types to be available for each application. Leveraging state-of-the-art technologies, Swordfish Unified Ticketing assists organizations to deliver an integrated and seamless response, offering the ability to control progress and keep the interested parties informed.

At a glance:

  • Consolidation of all your tickets in a single page, regardless of ticket type.
  • Access to a comprehensive view of the entire ticket’s journey along with real-time performance metrics, KPIs and SLAs across the client experience.
  • Advanced Grouping, filtering and sorting capabilities allowing easily review of ticket history.


Find out more by downloading the Swordfish Unified Ticketing Datasheet.

Download the Datasheet