Event October 23, 2015

CEO at the ‘’Spreading Knowledge Initiative 2015’’ conference.

Mr. George Patsis, Founder & CEO of Obrela Security Industries, has been invited as speaker for the ‘‘Spreading Knowledge Initiative 2015’’ conference, co-organized by the Union of Listed Companies (EN.EIS.ET) and the Hellenic Institute for Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development (IEA), in cooperation with Boussias Communications on October 23rd, 2015 at Grande Bretagne Hotel Athens.

Mr. Patsis had the chance to inform the audience of the ease which e-crimes can be perpetrated today. Generally, as the main vulnerabilities were mentioned: the unimpeded access to information, the problematic communication between countries in the legal framework, etc.

Also, from his experimental experience from the difficulties faced on a business level as OSI’s CEO, Mr. Patsis suggested 4 actions for the survival of Greek businessmen as follows:

  1. Focus not only in local and nearby markets but also and on international ones;
  2. Sales Network Development;
  3. Fortification of intellectual property;
  4. Workforce proper utilization.

Undoubtedly, this invitation indicates not only the high standards and our company’s leadership position as a Global Cyber Security and Intelligence Technology and Service Provider but also Mr. Patsis high awareness on today business level procedures and needs.