Event April 20, 2023

Obrela at InfoCom Security 2023

Obrela, as the leading cybersecurity services provider delivering MDR services recognized again in the Gartner 2023 MDR report, is presenting a series of interesting discussion topics addressing the Cyber Security universe.

Our goal is to put an end to the unpredictable complexity that organizations across the world have to deal with on a daily basis in cyberspace.  Cyber Risk Management in real-time can be our strongest weapon towards our goal to ensure trust, security, resilience, privacy, and safety in cyberspace

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Presentation 1: 26/04 at 10am | “Obrela: put an end to the unpredictable complexity” by George Daglas, Chief of Strategy and Customer Success

Presentation 2: 27/04/23 at 10:30 in the session “Is Cybersecurity a part of your Business Transformation and Cloud Strategy? Best Practices for every single industry” entitled “Securing your critical infrastructure – A cybersecurity roadmap for your OT assets.” by Iraklis Mathiopoulos, Chief Services Delivery Officer


26/04/23 @ 13:15

“MDR : Security Over Everything”

The new MDR Services covering all aspects of a business, to offer an array to intelligence connections.

By Konstantinos Chatzimichalis, Senior Sales Engineer