News October 10, 2012

New Enhanced Security Intelligence Services Powered by Obrela

Obrela is pleased to announce the launch of a new enhanced portfolio of Security Intelligence Services. Obrela continues to innovate by providing leading-edge Managed Security Services that are both useful and provide value to our customers. Obrela leads the way in turning security research into value-added services.
Today’s announcement is about four services that can be either added to our customers existing SIEM engagements or purchased as standalone services. At the absolute bleeding edge of innovation is our Automated Malware Analysis and Intelligence service offering that protects your internal infrastructure from malicious downloads, even if the downloaded payload contains malware that has never been seen before. This offering is followed by a set of three Surveillance Services for your key Web, Perimeter and User resources, allowing you to define various levels of reporting and responses to deviations from your policies and “known good” state of operations.
  • Automated Malware Analysis – This unique service allows us to capture nearly anything your internal users download (whether they know they are downloading it or not), analyze the files behavior and communications and provide all appropriate information needed to flag the file ok for further use or not. The results of this dynamic analysis are also fed back into our SIEM (Security Information & Event Management) tool as Malware Intelligence so that the knowledge is maintained for the future.
  • Web Resource Surveillance Services – Your key web resources and their approved activities are extensively tested until a “Gold Standard” behavior mapping is developed. This “Gold Standard” mapping is then applied to our SOC (Security Operations Center) and monitored ‘round-the-clock. Any deviation from this mapping will trigger flags within our SOC and the strict rules of engagement are followed, allowing you to act quickly and decisively.
  • Network Perimeter Surveillance Services – All network traffic on your perimeter network is extensively monitored and a “Gold Standard” behavior mapping is developed. This mapping is then subjected to further testing and refined to ensure that contains only approved traffic. This final mapping is applied to our SOC so that any traffic that triggers an alert is properly dealt with. You will be able to take a variety of actions depending on the type of policy infringement.
  • Privileged User Surveillance Services – All organizations have a special group of users that have elevated privileges or capabilities on their systems and applications. This (or any other definable) group of users needs to be continually supervised in order to ensure proper behavior and actions within the organizations systems. Our Privileged User Surveillance Service tracks and logs these specific users activities and reports back at define times and levels of details.
We will continue to expand our services offerings to our customers by furthering the research performed by our OSI Security Labs and connecting these findings to useful and deployable services.  Obrela Security Industries mission is to provide Enterprise Information Security Intelligence Services in order to enable our clients to conduct their business, to defend them against known and unknown threats and to preserve their proprietary information, activities and interests. We strive to evolve and leverage our intellectual capital, our potential and our technology to keep our clients business, in business.