Event, News, Video December 8, 2017

Obrela excels in MENA Information Security Conference 2017

Obrela participated as a Gold Sponsor at MENA ISC 2017 which took place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where a unique set of presentations addressed key issues and helped shape a better view of the Cyber Security challenges industries face today.

George Patsis, Founder & CEO of Obrela Security Industries, took the stage to stress out the importance of awareness and readiness. How security governance must leverage the human factor by regulating the way people and technologies interact with each other.

Emerging solutions that can deliver 3D (three dimension) information security primarily through the integration of people, process and technology and will greatly improve an organization’s information security posture, by controlling and monitoring not only technology related aspects but also human actor procedures.

Obrela Security Industries had the opportunity to showcase SWORDFISH – a Premium Platform which offers a web-based interface for tailoring information security frameworks, building new workflows and integrating with external data sources.

Engineered to dynamically scale and adopt, SWORDFISH provides with the necessary content, applications and gear to:

  • plan, design, build and orchestrate Enterprise Cyber Security
  • integrate with subset security and business systems
  • automate, disseminate and streamline security content and procedures
  • collect, model and analyze risk and threat related data and metadata using SWORDFISH security ontology.