Event June 20, 2011

Obrela Sponsors AthCon IT Security Conference 2011

Obrela Security Industries is the Diamond Sponsor of AthCon IT Security Conference 2011 – a leading information security conference- which will take place at the 2nd and 3rd of June, 2011, at Jockeys Country Club at Tatoi.
AthCon is an annual, European two-day conference, targeting particular areas of information security (attacking techniques of exploitation, various forms of penetration testing, new threats and challenges etc.) and aiming to bring together leading information security experts from all over the world.  The audience that is expected to be present in this year’s event will include researchers, decision makers and hackers from a variety of industries and countries around the globe.
Attacking techniques of exploitation and various forms of penetration testing have become an important component of any organization. This conference aims to provide a venue for understanding the ever evolving changes and threats and highlight the businesses necessity for a holistic approach to IT security in order to counter the latest cutting edge threats to their infrastructures.
Preparations for AthCon have almost been completed and this year’s event is expected to have greater success than ever before, as the event has attracted significant media coverage (press, TV, social media), even more due to the anticipation of the inaugural airing of black01white – an information security related documentary aimed towards raising public awareness – prior to its public launch in international television.