Event April 15, 2024

Obrela at Cyber Summit – ‘Bridging IT & OT Security’ Cybercompare’s virtual event

Obrela is sponsoring the forthcoming Cyber Summit –Bridging IT & OT SecurityCybercompare’s virtual event taking place on 18 April, from 08:30 – 12:15. 

These Cyber Summits offer a comprehensive range of information, networking opportunities and a broad transfer of knowledge on hot topics in cybersecurity. 

The virtual event on 18th April brings together industry experts and vendors to discuss cybersecurity services and solutions around OT security and topics such as convergence to IT, anomalies in the OT network or securing access, to name a fewAttendees gain insights into the concepts and providers in the market. CyberCompare creates a virtual network between IT security providers and IT security managers. 

Obrela’s executive team will present about how to “Bridge IT & OT Security effectively within a SOC– A Real Storyshowcasing a real-life example of addressing Security Operations challenges for IT and OT in a single service. They will describe how the convergence of IT and OT can help businesses gain greater visibility, reduce false-positive rate and augment customer security posture to improve Security Operations most efficiently.  

The presentation will be delivered at 10.30am by Michael Shaw, Senior Sales Engineer at Obrela.

By utilizing our proprietary single pane of glass solution, Swordfish, we provide customers with a single interaction platform for all events and alerts across monitored devices and industries – with the advantage of being vendor agnostic. Obrela’s services, with the use of Swordfish, can deliver customers much-needed operational convergence across IT and OT networks.  

Join us and learn more about how Obrela’s experience can help you achieve better cyber defence across all business functions.